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Recepcja Dom Zdrojowy
w Szczawnie - Zdroju
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Recepcja Dom Zdrojowy
w Jedlinie - Zdroju

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Jedlina-zdrój's objects


  • Mineral Water Pump House

    Mineral Water Pump House in Jedlina-Zdroj has been called 'mushroom' by its residents for many years. In the period from the end of World War II until recently it hasn’t hold its position as a Pump House. Regarding its architecture it had a significant position as a landmark of the city. In 2006 a complex revitalization of the main building and its surroundings was carried out.

  • SPA House

    The historical three – storey sanatorium building of XVIII century provides 45 places of accommodation in 17 single, double and triple rooms, providing the full sanitary and plumbing system. All the rooms are equipped with satellite TV and provide high comfort of a stay for the most demanding guests. In the building you can find canteen, doctors’ surgery and 24h nurse staffroom.

  • Teresa

    The main medicinal profile that determined a functional building arrangement is a cardiological rehabilitation conducted for patients of Lower Silesia. For this reason there is an intensive care unit in ‘Teresa’. For the patients’ disposal there are 40 places of accommodation in 18 comfortable, cosy rooms. Each room has got private bathroom and is equipped with TV set.