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[en]Lista obiektów Szczawno-zdrój


  • Mineral Water Pump House

    The first Mineral Water Pump House built in about 1820, was a spacious hall with a deeply located well inside surrounded with a wooden fence. Mineral water was scooped with a glass container attached to a long pole. The Pump House was joint with a Pedestrian’s Hall with an arcade passage.

  • Natural Medicine Centre

    The main centre of balneological treatment in Szczawno Zdroj has its residence in a Natural Medicine Centre, built in 1938 – 1939.A long span SPA traditions are combined with the latest achievements of medicine. We did our best in order to take care of our medicinal services.

  • Anka

    Sanatorium provides 24 places of accommodation in 12 studio type rooms (studio type – two rooms possess both shared hallway and bathroom equipped with a bathtub). The building was fully modernized; it has a lift and is adapted to provide service for the disabled.

  • Cis

    Sanatorium provides 38 places of accommodation in 16 rooms. All the rooms possess a full plumbing and sanitary system. ‘Cis‘ is located in a direct vicinity of Natural Medicine Centre that makes its extra asset. The guests of the sanatorium can take use of its canteen and its reception in ‘Korona Piastowska’, located in a near vicinity of ‘Cis’.

  • Spa house

    The building was erected at the turn of 1909 and 1910. At the moment of putting it into use, it was the biggest and the most modern hotel in Silesia, with its bulky mass, making a dominant feature for the whole spa urban complex. It is located in the spa centre, between historic parks with its rich and varied flora; own garden in the vicinity of Natural Medicine Centre and charming promenade Corso.

  • Pionier

    Sanatorium has got 50 places of accommodation in 19 rooms with bathrooms or studio type rooms (studio type – two rooms possess both shared hallway and bathroom equipped with a bathtub). The building is located in the heart of SPA Park in a direct vicinity of Natural Medicine Centre and Pump House.

  • Dąbrówka

    It is a magnificent, cosy and historic hunting mansion house (built in 1904), located in the heart of SPA, with 25 places of accommodation fitted with sanitary system that makes this place a quiet and nice spot for guests appreciating high standard of accommodation. ‘Dabrowka’ is a perfect place for small groups of commercial guests who like home atmosphere. ‘Dabrowka’ residents can take use of canteen in a nearby SPA House.

  • Młynarz

    Sanatorium has got 106 places of accommodation in 43 rooms having a full sanitary system. It is a building possessing the highest room standard in the entire SPA. All the rooms provide a high comfort of a stay. For a spa residents comfort there are doctors’ surgeries and 24h nursery staffroom.