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The main aim of ‘Szczawno – Jedlina SPA’ is the best way of using natural medical sources, knowledge and skills of the entire personnel in order to improve a health condition of all the guests and spa visitors taking use of our services in the area of medicine, rehabilitation, preventive medicine and promulgating a healthy life style.

The ‘Szczawno – Jedlina SPA’ board are:

  1. The Chairman – Beata Szczepanowska

  2. The Member of The Board for medicine – dr Boguslaw Stoklosa

As one of a few SPAs in Poland:

  • We cooperate with almost every regional department of National Health Centre in the area of sanatorium treatment,

  • We accomplish agreements for ambulatory rehabilitation for both Szczawno and Jedlina residents and also adjacent areas,

  • We are in cooperation with National Insurance System as a part of prevention and rehabilitation program concerning the respiratory system illnesses, cardiac system problems and motor organ diseases,

  • In cooperation with Local Family Relief Centre, Local Social Relief Centre and other social organizations we organized rehabilitation holiday (we possess an entry to the organizers’ registry Nr OR/02/44/04 and entry for the registry of rehabilitation centres in Szczawno Zdroj Nr OD/02/8/04, Nr OD/02/7/04; Nr OD/02/6/04, Nr OD/02/4/04, and in Jedlina Zdroj Nr OD/02/9/04, Nr OD/02/10/04,)

  • We do have signed contracts with some foreign and national tourists’ centres. We have a Mineral Water Bottling Plant, producing fizzy and still mineral water ‘Anka’ and bottling mineral waters ‘Dabrowka’ and ‘Mieszko’. More detailed information about the company can be found in public information centre on the main internet site.