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PHYSIOTHERAPY – a branch of physiotherapy, using natural elements existing in the nature (water, whortleberry) and artificially created physical energy in order to:

  •  Illnesses treatment – physiotherapy

  • Illnesses prevention - preventive physiotherapy
  • Diagnostics – electrodiagnosis

Balneoclimatic medicine in Szczawno Zdroj is based on natural medicinal waters, favourable climate conditions and Natural Medicine Centre equipped with the most modern equipment, offering treatment in the area of:

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Inhalations
  • Phototherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Ultrasonotherapy
  • Laserotherapy and magnetotherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Classical massage

Moreover, as an only spa in Poland we have pneumatic chamber (pressure), helpful in treating bronchial asthma of adults and children.

HYDROTHERAPY offers the following treatment:

  • Pearl, brine and aromatic baths,
  • Scottish and fixed spray shower,
  • Whirlpool massage of upper and lower limbs,
  • Underwater massage,
  • Hydrogimnastic.

INHHALATIONS –the method associated with introducing a medicine into respiratory system with the use of aerosol, created after dispersing the liquid in the air.


Inhalations with the use of medicinal water ‘Mieszko’ hold a significant place in Szczawno Zdroj. The therapeutic methods have been confirmed by numerous clinical works and researches under supervision of Laryngology Medical Academy of Wroclaw Supervisor – prof. Lucyna Pospiech.

Moreover, we offer inhalations of pine oil and the use of iodine and bromide solution. The treatments are conducted with the use of nozzle and ultrasound inhalators. We also possess inhalatory rooms (called ‘inhalatorium celkowe’) creating aerosol in closed space where the patient is present during the treatment.


PHOTOTHERAPY – takes use of infrared rays, visible and ultraviolet.


The infrared rays emitted by ‘Sollux’ and ‘Hydrosun’ lamps enhance the process of metabolism, lift up the level of pain reception, and develop the blood vessels located under the skin, causing the process of pain and inflammation cancelled. 

The ultraviolet rays bring about photochemical and bactericidal reactions increase blood flowing and fasten tissues restorations. The treatment is specially recommended preventive medicine of osteoporosis and psoriasis.

ELECTROTHERAPY is a part of physiotherapy using the biological activity:

  • Galvanic current
  • Little and medium frequency current
  • High frequency current

The treatment with use of direct current

Galvanic current is used to carry out the following treatment:

  • Galvanization,
  • Iontophoresis,
  • Hydro – electrical baths (two chamber bath, four chamber bath, galvanic bath),

Magnetic field treatment

In the area of little and medium frequency currents we performed treatment using the following types of currents:

  • Diadynamical
  • Interferencial
  • TENS
  • Traebert
  • High – voltage
  • Micro stimulus

High frequency currents combine therapeutic activity of magnetic and electrical field. In the area of tis part of physiotherapy, we perform:

  • Short – wave diathermy
  • Terapuls

Treatment with the use of current is used mostly in treating pain, both in the acute and chronic phase. What is more, they cause hyperaemia, anti – inflammatory action and relaxing effect over tense muscles. In a case of paresis or nerve palsy they bring about ability of neural conduction and support the enhancement of muscles. 


ULTRASONOTHERAPY - it uses mechanical vibrations of frequency exceeding the level of human ear audibility. Generally the vibrations cause increase of changes of metabolism, stimulate nervous system with pain killing effect, lessen muscle tension with inflammatory limit and fasten tissues absorption. The treatment can be used with medicinal element for example cream or gel, bringing about better and deeper permeating of medicinal substances into tissues.


LASERTHERAPY – a type of physiotherapy using converted light to stimulate protective mechanism of human organism. The laser’s light is monochromatic (single shade of a light), cohesion of a ray and parallelism of waves. Lasertherapy fastens tissues healing has anti – inflammatory and pain killing properties, stimulate the body system increases recreation of vessels, improves circulation, fastens swelling absorption and fastens collagenous fibres.


MAGNETOTHERAPY – it uses variable magnetic field with large magnetic induction properties (0,1 – 20 mT). This process includes:

  • Stimulation of tissues breathing,
  • Angiogenetic effect,
  • Anagenesis intensity,
  • Bones adhesion acceleration,
  • Pain killing and anti - inflammatory action.

LOCAL CRYOTHERAPY – treating with a cold inflow of air in a temperature of about minus 40°C. Cryotherapy in Szczawno Zdroj is performed locally, directly over injured part of the body or the whole organism in a cryogenic room. The treatment acts anti – inflammatory, anti – swelling and it lessens muscles tension. It precedes most often preparation for physical activities.

CLASSICAL MASSAGE – it is a form of physical influence of mechanical stimulus over human body in the shape of pressure over tissues. The massage increases the blood circulation and lymph (removes inflammation), brings about heat creation in tissues, alleviates muscles tension, eases tissue hormones and stimulates endocrinological system (defined as a endicrine system which integraes functions of individual tissues with nervous and immunological systems through hormons production effussed to blood).