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Recepcja Dom Zdrojowy
w Szczawnie - Zdroju
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Recepcja Młynarz
w Szczawnie - Zdroju

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Recepcja Dom Zdrojowy
w Jedlinie - Zdroju

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Tourist attractions




Parks of Szczawno - The green areas in Szczawno Zdroj comprise two parks and many squares, spread all over the city. The Swedish Park and The SPA Park belong to the largest in Lower Silesia, and at the same time, to the most exquisite parks in Poland. They are made in an English style. In both parks, in town squares and home gardens flowers are in bloom in various shades in the period from early spring till late autumn including those

being under strict protection.

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Tourist attractions of jedlina-zdrój

Beautifully located SPA offers its guests a lot of varied attractions, including picturesque routes for bike and walking trails and an only toboggan and line park in the area. Domestic and foreign coach trips, dancing evenings and bonfire gathering are among entertainment prepared at the disposal of guests. In the area of Jedlina Zdroj tourist and recreational path has been created. It has its beginning in front of the SPA House and leads through the most interesting spots in Jedlina.

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